“AFA program helped me to increase my knowledge in forecasting and valuation it introduce me to new methods and easy way to create financial model which is useful in my work.”

b4_leahCathylin Naval
Trader, PCCI Securities Brokers Corp.
AFA™ Program Batch 6

“The course has been very informative on my part. It gives me a whole new perspective in analyzing better business. I would highly recommend to my colleague to take this course. Keep it up!”

b4_leahErma Abalos
Controller, Primewater Infrastructure Corp.
AFA™ Program Batch 5

“As a newbie in stock trading, AFA program gives me additional knowledge that will be very useful for me.”

b4_leahAngelie B. Mercado
Junior Accountant, Radio Mindanao Network, Inc.
AFA™ Program Batch 6

“The course offered is very helpful with regards to my profession. The idea of having an output at the end of the training program really pushed us beyond our limits. The syllabus offered really gave us a broader appreciation of corporate valuation. To our speaker, thumbs up! Very supportive & a hands-on instructor.”

b4_leahRea Nizzao Macaspac
Finance, Prime Asset Ventures, Inc.
AFA™ Program Batch 5

“Clearly explained program objectives. Highly recommending to my colleagues.”

b4_leahKatherine Racadio
Head-Main Office, Maybank
AFA™ Program Batch 5

“The topic helps me to learn new valuation techniques. The resource speaker is great.”

b4_leahJerome Valdez
Financial Analyst, Primewater
AFA™ Program Batch 5

“I highly appreciate the hands-on training or application of the concepts in financial analysis.”

b4_leahLeah Dela Cruz
Union Bank of the Philippines
AFA™ Program Batch 4

“As a beginner in the financial industry, the 1st AFA program really exceeded my expectation in tersm of gaining a hands-on experience of doing financial analysis because it allowed me to challenge my previous knowledge through applying it with different Philippine public companies. Efficient methods of analysis were taught to us giving us more knowledge in interpreting company financials. Even if my colleagues were already experienced in the industry, I felt like I am already experienced in the industry because of the exercises that’s been given to us. Taking the AFA program is really helpful and I recommend it to individuals who wants to invest or be a financial analyst someday, even to beginners like me who just graduated and wants to build a foundation in their career!”

b1_yinCharmaigne G. Paran
Compensation Data Analyst, Institutional Shareholder Services
AFA™ Program Batch 1

“Please continue your passion in training interested professionals like us. Kudos!”

b4_mhey-anMary Anne E. Medina
Asst. Professional, DLSU-D
AFA™ Program Batch 4

“A great short course that almost anyone will understand and everyone can benefit, looking forward to more!”

b3_brianBrian Tycangco
Editor/Analyst, Polystar International Ltd.
AFA™ Program Batch 3