“Thumbs up to the program and speakers, full pack of learning ideas and new knowledge which is very useful to my work and is also applicable to life.”

Joyce C. Cadiao
Accounting Supervisor, First Pioneer Distribution Inc.
AFA™ Program Batch 4

“I’ve learned a lot much especially from the 3rd & 4th sessions because it is much more of real life applications and analysis. I’ve just had not much enough time for absorbing since it is more of a crash course. I just wished we had more time to prepare for the presentation of the company study because our study would have been much better. I look forward to enroll to courses such as this informative one. All the best!”

Ma. Alyssa Gaicel V. Estangue
Accountant, BBSPI
AFA™ Program Batch 1

“Taking this course thought me a lot of things. Giving me a whole new perspective on how to analyze better business & the financial statements.”

Rosalie Salamat-Bensa
Finance Manager
AFA™ Program Batch 1

“Have learned new things to apply with my work. Keep it up!”

Ramer Indino
Accountant, BDO
AFA™ Program Batch 1

“I have learned how to create buy or sell analysis on stocks.”

Mark Joseph Fernandez
Unit Manager, Insular Life
AFA™ Program Batch 1

“I found the modules to be very helpful. The exercises were very practical and helped me gain a reefer understanding on how to properly valuate companies using various methods. This course has helped me to become more informed investor. People into are serious about investing in the market should definitely take this course.”

Michael Galang
AFA™ Program Batch 1

“I enjoyed all the closes and learned a lot from the speakers. Each speaker had their own style in teaching or explaining us the subj. on hand. Each style is effective on my end. I learned a lot and it was a good experience for me. The program exceeded my expectation and I’m graceful I enrolled. If I was suggest, try including practice test for each session.”

Niccolo Suarez
Trust Operations Officer, PBCOM
AFA™ Program Batch 1

“The AFA program taught me how to thoroughly evaluate a stock. It also taught me a lot of excel tricks that would help me to efficiently evaluate a certain company.”

Michelle C. Padua
Accountant, Unilab
AFA™ Program Batch 1

“Although this is not related to my filed/work, I still believe that financial status of a company are very important are interrelated with the other departments. The program give me an additional knowledge on how to go about the actual situation of a certain company whether for investment purposes or for buy-out or for its longevity standing. It will be beneficial to all if all sessions are on a full day with the projects given in the 1st 2 sessions giving the attendees time to prepare.”

Mary Ann Go
HR Admin GRP Head, CFMI
AFA™ Program Batch 1

“The program gave me a better perspective on investment options. That I can share with my clients. I think having a more objective view on market movements.”

Bohdan Rodriquez
Financial Advisor, Insular Life
AFA™ Program Batch 1