“Please continue your passion in training interested professionals like us. Kudos!”

Mary Anne E. Medina
Asst. Professional, DLSU-D
AFA™ Program Batch 4

“A great short course that almost anyone will understand and everyone can benefit, looking forward to more!”

Brian Tycangco
Editor/Analyst, Polystar International Ltd.
AFA™ Program Batch 3

“The AFA program reminded me of the things I learned in my hardcore economies class plus more. What I meant by plus more is that I was able to incorporate theory into members and numbers into reality. It has helped me value companies by using different tools and further analyze what the financial statements say about the health of the company.”

Mark Gieron E. De Mesa
AFA™ Program Batch 3

“I am happy to have decided to enroll in this class/training. I have learned a lot. Excel toolkits, techniques, etc. being on investor myself, the course added me to make sound decisions on what stocks to buy or not to buy.”

Carol Joy G. Tordecialla
Tax Compliance Supervisor, Pascual Lab Inc.
AFA™ Program Batch 3

“It is another experience to keep because of new knowledge gained.”

Myrna Dahe
Financial Analysis STL, Schneider – Electric
AFA™ Program Batch 3

“The AFA program has been a great learning experience. It has greatly added to my knowledge and skill to be a better investor. The concepts are also practical and can be applied readily therefore being able to make wiser stock picks, all in all I enjoyed the 6 sessions.”

Willington Chua
Associate Process Engineer 2, Fluor
AFA™ Program Batch 3

“The AFA program helped me widen my knowledge about financial analysis, company valuation and performance indicacies that would greatly help my investment endeavors.”

Mark Anthony S. Rico
Financial Analyst, San Miguel Brewery Inc.
AFA™ Program Batch 3

“After the AFA program, it helps me walk out towards the business world as a wide-ranged equipped analyst, the topics would keep you interested and hooked and will really help an analyst to not just analyze the data but enjoy the application as well. This program is highly recommended especially for finance people enjoying the same numbers, same interest. This is a well worth self investment. Thank you for the opportunity!”

Ma. Diana D. Ong
Financial Analyst, San Miguel Brewery Inc.
AFA™ Program Batch 3

“The course gave me a different perspective. Allowed me to gain insight on tools that i can use in my current work.”

Ace Nombrado
Credit Manager, Arvato
AFA™ Program Batch 4

“I enjoyed the whole sessions. It gives me mastery to what I love finance.”

John Michael Rodla
Analyst, Deutsche Bank
AFA™ Program Batch 4