Why become an Accredited Financial Analyst™?

  • AFA™ certification is awarded directly by American Academy of Financial Management™ USA
  • Recognition by AACSB INTERNATIONAL and ACBSP Global Accreditation Agency
  • Certification recognized by over 800 business schools and leading universities globally
  • AFA™ Members in 151+ countries
  • Offices in over 17 countries
  • Be part of Largest Member Network of 50,000+ Global Accredited Financial Analyst®


How to become Accredited Financial Analyst™?

  • Complete the AFA™ Education Program
  • Pass the AFA™ Examination
  • Satisfy the minimum 2-year work experience requirement
  • Agree to follow the AFA™ Professional Code of Ethics


Some of the things the AFA™ Program enables you to do are:

  • Understand financial statements, and use them to evaluate the strength of organizations
  • Sift through information to identify what is most relevant
  • Applying sophisticated analytical methods
  • Framing an idea and formulating a hypothesis
  • Develop models to estimate the fundamental value of a firm
  • Apply concepts of accounting, economics, statistics, and psychology
  • Make extensive use of modelling tools such as excel in creating financial models
  • Write professional research reports
  • Advise and analyze investments